The Significance of Knowledge

Knowledge is the cornerstone of a healthy and vibrant society, nation and world.  Academic scholarship translates into a better understanding of the nature and course of man’s existence.  The continuous application and expansion of energy in the venture of learning more about who man is and why he exists is the basis of development and progress.  Knowledge is therefore essential in the timeless journey of man through the realms of his existence in all forms.  It is knowledge that wrenches man out of darkness into light, helps man to distinguish right from wrong, truth from falsehood and realise success rather than failure.

The establishment of genuine institutions of knowledge needs to be primary in the minds and actions of those who serve to shape the minds of the prominent personalities and the future leaders of man.

True scholarship in the sense of appreciating the value of the traditional with an objective, equitable and judicious mind is crucial in the promotion of real progress.  Integrity of scholars is also an essential element without which true scholarship cannot exist.