Our Vision

The Jāmi`ah al-`Ulūm al-Islāmiyyah is committed towards establishing itself as a distinguished and recognised international institution of excellence in erudite scholarship, learning and education.

It is the dream of this Institution to produce future scholars who will be assets to the society they exist in and serve as positive contributors to the development of the society, nation and mankind in general. 

 The institution endeavours to produce such individuals who have excelled in their planned and projected field of study.   It works towards ensuring that they have acquired an ideal “blend” of education.

While academic and educational development is given principal importance, the institution should also lay great stress on students’ moral commitment and their development with and within the community.

The Institution shall constantly strive to provide the students with ongoing encouragement, motivation and support during their period of study and also thereafter.  Such effort shall endeavour to develop sound awareness and consciousness of their position and responsibilities as scholars as well as develop a healthy sense of responsibility and accountability to their role as scholars of religion.

The institution also believes that young scholars ought to be carefully nurtured.  The nurturing programmes should enable the students to maintain their composure and sense of rationale in the challenging times we exist in. Knowledge informs an individual and serves to shape his actions.  However, sound discipline and exemplary character development are key factors in fashioning the as role-models for others.

In order to ensure that these future leaders of the Institution rise to the challenges of the rapidly changing milieu and fulfil their roles, the Jāmi’ah shall always strive to ensure that they :

  • are fully versed with a holistic knowledge in all of the sciences and/or disciplines relating to their field of study;
  • are fully acquainted with and skilled in research and research methodology;
  • are open to augmenting intercultural awareness and dialogue;
  • are eager and keen to foster an environment which encourages a loyalty to living in harmony with people of all faiths and backgrounds;
  • are empowered with effective problem-solving strategies;
  • are carefully guided to exploit their potential to the fullest;
  • are given the opportunities to realise their personal dreams and aspirations;
  • are carefully nurtured with an enhanced self-esteem and self-confidence;
  • are equipped with the skills of leadership; and
  • are carefully developed into well-rounded leaders of the future.